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About US

Patrick & Vanessa Gajewski
Masters of being clever and lazy

This is us...all of us. We are just a couple of silly ol' optimists making our dreams come true and enjoying life with two of our favorite people.

The passion Patrick and I have for entertaining, creating, and hosting started way back in 1994 when we met. Can you believe he hired and fired me from the fancy Italian restaurant we worked at? Believe it! We've come a long way and have been through many ups and downs since then. All of the things life has thrown at us only made us stronger and made us realize what we wanted in each other and in life. Each of us has our own sense of wit, creativity, and style that adds to our extensive experience in the food and hospitality industry. Our ultimate dream is to grow to house 35 guests overnight and 100+ for day long events like weddings etc. We are excited to go on this journey with you. Thank you to everyone that continues to make this scrapbooking and craft retreat possible. 

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